Rube Goldberg Project #5 – Starting The Last Step

The last step, the least of our worries, the time to wipe the sweat of our foreheads, the IMOVIE. I was relieved that the building, sketching, and the revising, and editing was done. IMovie was simple enough. Put the videos, fails, and titles explaining the information that is teaching the person watching it what the project is basically about, just throw it all together and be done. We had enough experience from WeVideo and other filming apps. What could go wrong? Let me stop you right about there… Oh wait did I forget to mention the music (choosing appropriate songs, and lining it up correctly),the fancy fonts, the credits, the beginning page, EVERYTHING.


IMovie was a pain to work with. The most dreaded part of the whole IMovie is the music. First, you have to pick songs that both agree on, and are appropriate for the part it is on, also the words need to be very clean and can’t be taken in the wrong away. Secondly, even dragging the music to the correct part is difficult. When your finger releases the clip of music it bounces back to the beginning automatically. Third, to use the music you have to purchase it on ITunes. Which can be a pain, if you don’t enjoy the song regularly you have already wasted your money on it. And finally, you can’t even crop the music to the place of the song you want it to play. So let’s say the song has a rap side you might want the chorus but can’t get that without the rap which is extremely irritating.


This are the songs we used:

  • Let’s Get It Started – By The Black Eyed Peas
    • Used for the Rube Goldberg slide introducing the presentation
    • Get it – Let’s get it started? Kind of like a introduction song
  • Keep Your Head Up – By Andy Grammer
    • Used for the fails
    • Get it – when you fail you need to keep your head up?
  • Glorious –  (feat. Skylar Grey) By Macklemore
    • Used for successes and slo mo
    • Get it – you feel glorious when you succeed or do things right?
  • All I Do is Win – (feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross) By DJ Khaled
    • Used for credits
    • Get it – because at the end we came out of this winners?


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