Rube Goldberg Project #6 – Final Reflection

I am very sad that this unit is over. This unit was definitely one my favorites starting with the sketch and ending with the IMovie. Today in class we presented them. In my opinion ours was the most advanced. I was a little anxious presenting our IMovie. I mean, what if ours was by far the worst, showing all of the videos flaws, or on the other hand being too sophisticated and showing off how well we performed. I am happy to report that we fell right in the middle of both.


This project was fun for many reasons. Starting with, you are able to have more excuses to hang out with your friends. Secondly, all of the research and learning put in this project is fun and is entertaining. Not, boring and tiring. Third and finally, while still putting a lot of effort in this project it was still was not pressuring. It requires less effort than something like our Home of the Brave WeVideos. This project was fun and you were still learning something at the same time. Which is a huge benefit.


This is a list of my favorite parts of the Rube Goldberg project:

  • When you were extremely proud of your work
  • When you could say to yourself, “Congrats, this is your final day”
  • Planning everything out
  • Celebrating when you succeed
  • Getting back up when you fail
  • Reassuring your partner that we were okay and doing everything right
  • In general, working with partners/groups
  • When you could sit back and relax because you had finally achieved your goal


Overall, I really loved this project and hope we can do something very similar to this soon. I love when you know you and your partner work well together, and you are a strong partnership. I wish this project had just started just so I could live this experience through again. I am extremely grateful we were able to try out this project. My whole view on simple machines has drastically changed because of this. Thank you Mrs. Cooper, thank you for granting us with this opportunity to perform these simple tasks. I have enjoyed this project and don’t want it to end. Bye Rube Goldberg! Hope to see you in the future!!

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