SpaceX Launch

The SpaceX launch will go down in history for sure. When the rocket left the launch pad, it shocked many. This rocket was the most powerful rocket in the world. Imagine how many rockets we have launched. How impressive is that? This rocket burned through the sky at a crazy fast pace. The company must be very proud because they got a congratulatory tweet from President Trump. This rocket has proved to many that there is hope for more space exploration and sending more people into space. NASA is SpaceX biggest competition so when they were more successful than NASA it was a huge accomplishment to them. Imagine beating your enemy. Feels good.

When I reacted, I was surprisingly shocked. I mean, if I was the one launching that successful rocket, I would feel very proud, and I would feel like I was on cloud nine. SpaceX after launching the Falcon Heavy, the company has blown up. When I realized how much work was put into the project and money I was flabbergasted. A lamborghini is cheaper then the 90 million cost of launching the Falcon Heavy. I’m guessing it was all totally worth it. Price, work, and lots of effort was put into this hardworking project.

Though, all of this information is making me wonder still a few things:

  • Would you do this again?
  • Is NASA a competition to you?
  • How many people worked on this project?
  • Was the money worth it?
  • How much has SpaceX grown because of this?

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