Social Issues

They are some terrible social issues. Personally, I can’t relate to much of them which could be a great thing. The two that hits closest to home are bullying, and poverty. As a kid, bullying is what relates most to me though I don’t get bullied or take part in it. But just thinking about it makes my skin crawl. I am so lucky to be fortunate enough but some people are not which makes me very sad. These social issues makes me sad and persuades me to take part of any thing to stop them.

Bullying is an act where a powerful person picks on the weaker. They start off by embarrassing the weak and hurting them. It is not fair and is only benefiting the bully. The bullies need that attention and embarrassment to feed off of. It is just an horrible act that needs to be stopped and something done about it. As I walk into the city and see the poor homeless people my heart aches for them. And I just want to help.

Unfortunately, these problems are still occurring today. And we need to fix them and make a difference. Although, it is still happening we need to power through it.


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