Capstone #2 – Choosing Inquiry and Sub-Questions

As we have just began to start brainstorming our inquiry and sub-questions, it has been a challenge but also easy at the same time. I decided I wanted to study how broadway has evolved and made specific shows a success or failure. So now it is time to word it and come up with sub-questions to support it. It was going to be easy or so I thought… When Mrs. Cooper told us that the questions have to be specific and not vague but also not very specific. Also let’s not forget more detailed and not a opinion based question. Wow was I overwhelmed! Now it was actually time to start.


When I started to brainstorm I was having trouble including all aspects of the topic into a couple questions. I was pretty confident my main inquiry question was a good one, this part I wasn’t so worried about. Once I had my strong question I was confident this “sub-question process” would be pretty easy. Oh boy, was I wrong. Thinking of questions could be difficult. It might sound easy but trust me, it is not.


Once I settled in, and was putting some questions in my head. I started to be more productive in the way of getting sub-questions on the paper. With a little bit of guidance, I had some good questions! A challenge could turn into something productive in an instant. Then it was decided, I had some really good questions that I was proud to use as sub-questions.


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