The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

In the book. “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis, everyone has finally believed Lucy that there is a faraway land called Narnia. The siblings have traveled to Narnia also by walking in from the wardrobe. Peter and Susan have finally caught Edmund in his lie, and have made Lucy the leader of their tour to Narnia. Edmund is extremely annoyed by this act and wants revenge. Badly. While this is all happening, the Witch is plotting her every move to kidnap and attack them. (The sons of Adam and daughters of Eve). The Witch has used her power unusually and making not smart power plays to brainwash Edmund and make him addicted to the spiked Turkish Delights. The only way he can get more delicious candy is to attend the White Witch kingdom with his siblings. Will he do that or not? Revenge is dangerous.

The Queen of Narnia uses her power and title unusually and making not very smart moves. One prime example is when she deliberately goes out of her way to mess with Edmund and produce this spell in which he gets addicted to these silly candies. As a queen you’d think just mentioning you are royalty could make people listen and bow down to you. One thing that Edmund knows is that by dangling something in front of his face then pulling it away is definitely not convincing him to do what she wants or she says or even winning him over.

Another prime example when the Queen of Narnia uses her power unusually and is overthinking and not being smart is when she enrolls the fauns, animals, dwarves, even trees and other creatures to help her decoy the harmless humans. For example, when Mr. Tumnus is made to bring Lucy to the White Witch he is forbidden to not do what the Witch asks also known as treason. While the Queen does this she is just simply turning more people against her and making it harder for herself. When she fails to prove that one didn’t obey she is just making a fool of herself and letting people develop hatred in her name.

Clearly this all states that the Queen of Narnia also known as the White Witch uses her power and title very unusually and stupidly. If she had the smallest bit of a brain maybe she started to use her power normally or for good to help out the creatures of Narnia she might not have nearly as much enemies.

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  1. Nice post! I like how U did a unique topic and you explained your points very well! Keep up the good work! :<)

  2. Great response! I really liked your word choice, I thought that the words were very strong. I liked how you did a idea that not many other people used. I thought that main idea was creative. I also thought that your body paragraphs were really strong and that you made a main point in your conclusion.

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