Capstone #3 – Interview

I was certainly nervous about my interview. I mean, what if I got no information? What if my questions were horrible and unanswerable? This could go terribly wrong if I came at it with the wrong approach. I was pretty confident about my questions and just incase I got multiple people with different opinions to revise and listen to my questions. All was set and ready as we were going to the office. I just thought one thing, hopefully I get enough information. Walking into the office calmed me but the anticipation was still killing me. Just as we started to record my nerves magically just started to melt away. It was like magic. The interview was flowing and I could tell the tension wasn’t awkward or anything like that. Turns out, the less questions you ask the better. I have found that if you are trying to squeeze a couple more questions in you may be rushing. As a result, the unuseful questions could be repetitive or just completely won’t make sense at all.


A couple days later while taking notes I found that his input was very helpful and without it I don’t know how far into this project I would be. So in conclusion, I am very grateful that I could have such a helpful source and now because of that I know a lot of my answers and I am very happy with the final product with my interview. The whole entirety of the experience was inspiring. Before the door of his personal office there were big signs of all of the shows he had produced and I was shocked of how many successes he produced. Starting with “Hairspray” and ending with “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” I was wowed with the shows he had once produced. All I can say is this, the whole experience of the interview was great and I am super glad that Mark was willing to help and make a huge impact on my project.


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