Capstone #4 – Site Visit

About a week ago, I went to the White Plains theater of performing arts. There a worker gave us a tour of the whole building including the stage, backstage, dressing rooms, costume rooms, wig selection and more. I learned a lot about working there and the hard work it takes for a show to be put on the stage. It was a very inspiring tour that I learned a lot about.


There I was given a detailed tour in all of the dressing rooms which was my favorite part. I learned that the stars get special treatment and there own private dressing room which has a personal shower and bathroom. Unfair!


This the stage and the set for the upcoming show, really cool right?


This is the strings that control the curtains. I thought it was cool how many panels it had and all the strings altogether. There were hundreds of strings which amazed me.


These are the seats for the crowd of the show. I even learned a fun fact. This specific theater used movie theater chairs to make it very comfortable and cusiony. And I tested it – turns out they were not lying it was so comfortable.


This was the dressing room. What I liked was the mini lights around the mirror it is really helpful and useful.


Overall, the I really liked the experience and thought it was so much fun!

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