Capstone #6 – Working On My Final Product

I was in good shape. My presentation was practically done and I had very good pictures and my script was coming together. As I was thinking upon CapCon I thought my presentation was going to be entertaining and research based. Now I just needed to memorize most of my script. Sounded easy…


Oh boy was I wrong, memorizing things were weird for me. Sometimes I was really good and sometimes I was horrible. Which one was I going to be today. Well I couldn’t memorize it. Ugh, this was going to be work than I thought. I didn’t understand, I practised every night but still I couldn’t memorized it.


Oh and by the way, finding images was very easy because all you had to do was look up what you wanted and surely you would find it or find something very similar. My script was more difficult to write but still easier than memorizing it.


Hopefully, I can memorize it by the presentation.

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