Capstone #7 – Capstone Share

I was really surprised by the outcome of my presentation. Although, I didn’t memorize my script. I still spoke loud and clear. Some people told me I spoke a little fast but it still was a good pace. Others told me my information was very interesting and fascinating. All of the hard work paid off. And all of the parents were wowed and impressed by all of the work and I got so many compliments and congratulatory comments.


When presenting I think I did a good job talking in a loud clear voice. One con, I forgot a funny line. I wanted everyone to laugh. Good news, people did laugh at other lines which made me feel really good.


I looked down at my script for most but what I did was I looked down read the line in my head then looked out and read it out to everyone. I think my strategy definitely worked.


Overall, I think Capstone was a great experience and I think presenting was very fun and I learned my hard work definitely definitely paid off.

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