Technology Post #5

Now it was finally time to solder. I was nervous to burn myself or my peers, but I knew one thing and one thing only… I had to be very careful. It could get up to 842 degrees!!!! Mr. Calvert went on a 15 minute rant about how to use the solder and he told us the horrendous stories of people getting burned. Keep in mind when he says burned he doesn’t mean a glue gun burn. He means a third degree burn. Everyone gasped at the idea of getting burned this severely. Now everyone was petrified and terrified that they would be the next victim. When it was my turn it to go my hand was shaky. I put the iron on the wire for 4 seconds and then put the solder on it. It worked! Success!!

Technology Post #4

This week, we made solder people. Soldering is an art, and I definitely am not an artist when it comes to technology let alone soldering. Out of wire, you have to shape a person, you use pliers to bend and make a person, but if you want to make a person doing an action it is much more complicated. I knew I wasn’t going to be good at making solder people so I went with a simple action. I made a person with it’s hands up in the air. I first had to strip the wire and then shape it to be a stick figure. After that I had to make a big U and connect them both. Now I’m done with this step, now it’s time to solder.

Technology Post #3

A couple weeks ago in technology we did a unit about flying cars. I learned that even if you are blind you can still drive. If you sit in your car and tell the car where to drive to it will go. I found this all very fascinating. It really gives blind people an opportunity to drive even though people think that they will never be able to drive. The technology to make it seems very complicated and hard to make, so maybe that’s why there are only a few of self driving cars in the world. The technology, and opportunity it gives blind people is very hopeful and amazing.

Technology Post #2

A couple weeks ago, we did a breakout EDU which was very fun in my opinion. I really liked the breakout because it made you think and it was a fun activity. It was a very nice introduction to technology, and right away┬áI knew I was going to love it. It was basically an escape room and it really required thinking skills. There was 2 teams and whoever got out first won. My team found clues almost immediately and made a plan. We each would split up in little groups of 4 or 5 and tackle the clues together. I had done a couple of escape rooms and so had a couple other kids so we were all basically pros. As we tackled the clues slowly we were way ahead of the other team. We were on a roll and we couldn’t stop. We finally finished and it was so much fun. I really loved this activity and would really like to do it again in the future.

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