Technology Post #6

We started a new project, flashlights. This might’ve been the hardest project we’ve done in Technology so far. We first had to make this long and tiring diagram. When I tell you the diagram needed to be perfect, trust me it needed to be perfect. This whole process was stressing me out and it took me longer to make the diagram then actually building the flashlight. Crazy, right?! Sketching, drawing, planning, measuring, and focusing, this is what you needed to do in order to make the flashlight. We had to measure the amount of half inch boxes that we wanted to be the size of the flashlight. Draw the wires and measure and cut the actual ones that we would be using. Sketch the LED light to shape it as it looks in reality. And curve/round the cap to make it very precise.. which was definitely the hardest part for me. When I was finished the dreadful diagram, I sighed of relief. Now on to the next struggle… putting it together!!

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