Technology Post #7

I thought this was going to be easy, wow, was I wrong. We started off by making the circuit. The scientific part, not my strong suit. We first had to get the LED light to actually light up so we had to make a full circuit. I had to strip one wire and bend, strip a second wire and bend with pliers, and strip a third wire and bend. Obviously, not repetitive at all. After, we had to solder (yay) the wire connected to the circuit which was connected to the second wire which was connected to the battery which was connected to the wire which was connected to the LED light. Sounds harder then it actually is, all you have to do is glue in that same order. After you make sure your light is able to be lit then you cut the pipe with a SAW. Yes I repeat, a saw. You quickly and with a lot of pressure cut the pipe like you are cutting steak. Then all you have to do it insert the switch, (Mr. Calvert does this for you) morph it together and stylize.

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