Technology Post #10

Technology has been by far my favorite quarterly, and there is no doubt about that. The whole ten weeks have been so entertaining and have taught me so much that I can take with me into the real world. Solder people, flashlights, circuits, flying cars, breakout EDU’s, and automaton. I can’t believe it has only been ten weeks. My favorite project personally was the solder people because that’s when I started to take tech so seriously and actually have fun doing it. The most useful thing I learned that I didn’t know how to do before was soldering. It is such a useful technique that you need to proceed with caution but it gives you such a thrill when your name is called off of the list to solder your arms on to the body of the person. Sadly, tomorrow is the end of the quarter and I have to move on to a new quarterly, art. I loved technology and it taught me so much. I’m so sad it’s over but thankful I learned how to use many tools and machinery that I didn’t know before. Thank you so much to Mr. Calvert for being so patient and always helping me with my work first, I wouldn’t be able to make any of the projects without your guidance. I can’t wait to finish making automaton on the last day of technology tomorrow!!

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