Technology Post #9

In technology… it was time to build the automatas. A automata was a box that had something going on inside in order for something outside the box to move. When Mr. Calvert told us to sketch out our ideas I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to make something spin. So since my other friends where doing cartoon characters as their item moving (in my case spinning) on top of the box I decided to stick with them and to do a cartoon character as well. I picked Hello Kitty. So now it was actually time to make the automata and thankfully Mr. Calvert had already done the first step for us. He made us the box that our automata would be made out of so all we needed to do for the first step was cut and glue four triangles onto the corners of the box. After that we needed to find the middle point on the sides of the box and poke an awl through it. Then put the stick through and cut out your follower and cam with the scroll saw. Sounds easier then it actually is. So far, this is all we are up to and I can’t wait to finish making my Hello Kitty spinning automata.

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