Swift playgrounds Answers


Things that was hard with righting the codes was getting it right. If I was talking to a person I don’t have to say show (“hello”) but with the coding you do. Because the computer is not smart enough to always know what you are talking about. Also I thought it was fun when you finally got it correct and it felt great.

Swift playgrounds 2

In the last puzzle I had to move forward and collect gems and toggle switch. But the gems and toggled switch change so if want to complete it the you must use a conditional code. The condition code say if there is a gem or there is a closed switch the toggle switch or collect gem.

Computer Science Changes Everything

After watching the video I thought what Mark Zuckerberg said was very interesting. He talked about starting a company in college that hundreds of million people use. I thought this was interesting because without computers this would be almost impossible. And it shows how much computers impact the world today. I also thought the lettucebot was very cool. I think it is cool because something like farming you might think that computers wouldn’t change that much, but they do

Capstone #3

Blog Post #3


What I enjoyed most about making my final Capstone project was making the slides and putting the slideshow together. Putting the slides together was fun because I liked looking for the pictures and writing the script. I also enjoyed interviewing Paul Wooster and Mike Ogles. It was great that I got to do two Capstone interviews. It was especially exciting to interview Paul Wooster of Spacex the same week as the Spacex and NASA Dragon launch. 

One problem that I encountered was finding online pictures that were free to use for the slides. I really wanted to show everyone what SpaceX’s Starship looks like. I was so happy when Mr. Wooster told me how to find the pictures and that some were available to share. It was more difficult to find photos to illustrate some of the topics I learned about. For some other topics, there were many photos that I wanted to use in my presentation. In the end, I was able to use all the pictures I wanted to use, and I found a way to show something about every topic in my presentation. 

Normally 5th graders would go to a site visit related to their Capstone topic. I wasn’t able to go on one because of Coronavirus. I would have visited Auburn Engineering and the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama where Mr. Ogles has an office. Even though I could not do a site visit, things worked out well. One day last week, I got a package in the mail!  I was so excited. Mr. Ogles sent me a lot of SLS and NASA stickers and pins. Then, the next day my family received a large box from Auburn. Mr. Ogles had told the head of recruiting at the College of Engineering about our phone interview. He asked her to send us some things from Auburn, and she did. The box was full of Auburn Engineering gear like t-shirts, pens, frisbees, shakers, and brochures about the school. It was such a great surprise. 

I am excited to share my final capstone project because I have been working hard on it, and I want people to know that.


Here are some links of resources I used


Link to my final project https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB96r9gj6B-Y-TwRAkZUa93-QMCVWtKwa

Capstone #2 – Interview

When I started thinking about a person to interview we were not very sure if anyone would help us. I had to interview someone who knew a lot about going to Mars. When I first started my research about SpaceX, I read about a man named Paul Wooster. Paul Wootser is the Principal Mars Development Engineer at SpaceX. But, we thought it would be hard to contact him, and we were not sure if he would help us with the project. So, I kept on reading about NASA and SpaceX Mars project. I read about a man named Mike Ogles who is the Directer of NASA Programs at Auburn University’ Samuel Ginn College of Engineering. We tried to find his email so we could contact with him to ask for an interview. We found his email on Auburn’s website. So, my mom helped by emailing him for me. Later, I was also able to contact Paul Wooster after Ms. Edwards sent us some links to some LinkedIn websites where I was able to find an email address for him.

On the email to Mike Ogles we told him “War Eagle!” because he works for Auburn, and we tried to make a connection with him by telling him that my mom also went to Auburn for engineering. I told him that I was researching the challenges of human flight to Mars and that I needed to conduct an interview for my Capstone project. When we emailed Paul Wooster, I made the personal connection by telling him that my Uncle and Grandfather went to MIT like him. We told him how we needed a interview. I was surprised that they both agreed to be interviewed.  So, now I had to think of some questions. 

For Mike Ogles, my first interview, I had to think of what to say to him when we first talked to him. I introduced myself, asked if I could record the interview, and described my research about human travel to Mars. Before the interview, I had made a list of questions from my research. First, I would ask him questions about himself and his work with NASA and Auburn.  Then I asked him questions more about NASA’s SLS (Space Launch System) and human travel to Mars. After that, I asked questions about Auburn and how they are helping NASA. He told me about “Additive Manufacturing,” techniques to make new rocket engines and why they are better than other engines. Additive Manufacturing is when they 3-D print the engines with metal to make them lighter and more fuel-efficient. Finally, I asked if he had any pictures he would share with us for my slide show project. The interview went well.  I did it on FaceTime with my mom’s phone.  He answered all the questions, and my mom took some notes about what he said during the interview.

For Paul Wooster, I asked different questions based on my research about him.  To start the phone interview, I first introduced myself and asked him if I could record the interview so that I could take notes later. I really changed he questions a lot from the first interview. I first asked Mr. Wooster a question about himself and his work at MIT. Then I asked him about why should humans and/or our country be interested in space travel and why it is important. Then I asked him about SpaceX and Starship. One question was about how they would refuel it. I asked about pressurization and how Starship is designed to withstand cold temperatures. Finally, I asked about how to find pictures that I could use for my presentation slides. He gave us a place on SpaceX’s website where I could find pictures I could use for the project presentation. That was really helpful.


Capstone #1

Last week my class started a project that fifth graders in Scarsdale always do at the end of the year, to celebrate all the learning that we have done up to fifth grade. It’s a Scarsdale fifth grade tradition.  The project is called Capstone. For Capstone we find a topic we want to learn about, and then we do research about that topic.  Finally, we will make a presentation about our research.  

Before starting my research, I needed to come up with a “main inquiry question.”  A main inquiry question is an exact question that our research will answer. It is our specific research topic.  I also needed to think about sub-questions that would help to answer my main question. 

To find my topic, I started by brainstorming possible topics that I find interesting. Quickly I thought about studying whether it was possible for humans to travel to Mars in the near future.  Then I tried to narrow it down. I originally thought to research NASA’s plans for a trip to Mars.  After my teacher, Ms. Edwards, sent me an article about SpaceX’s plans for going to Mars, I thought about comparing NASA’s plans to SpaceX’s plans. That was very helpful to me.  I looked at a few more articles and thought this was a hard topic. Maybe it was too much information for me.  I finally decided to research SpaceX’s plan for going to Mars and their rocket Starship. Then I still needed to come up with my exact main inquiry question. I decided that my inquiry will be “What are the main challenges with going to Mars and how is SpaceX planning to use Starship to overcome those challenges?”

Technology is…

What is technology? Technology is some human. also it has to improve something like how pencils improved the way too right. Before the pencil is the chalk and chalk is messy just like glue or it has to it solve a problem like how the computers solve the problem of looking things up.

The thing that makes the paper technology because it solves a problem  also because it is man made by Johan vaaler in the the 1890  also soon they made a less efficient version of the paper in 1901 Also i think it was made in Germany and everybody loves it maybe

the problem that the paper clip solves is because it makes it if you have 1000 papers you can carry them all the time easier also because it is fun to model with

With out the paper clip there would be papers on the floor and then people would trip and  that a bad thing and soon people would break bones and nobody wants that manly Johan Vaaler.

The thing that the the paper improved on is glue the problem of glue is because it makes marks when you take it out just like the stapler which also needs … staples and staples cost money also the paper clip is fun to play with also the glue and the glue stick is messy just like liquid paint.


this is .5 grams

Plant blog day 2

Our plants are doing great our controlled is about 10 cm tall and it has flowers it looks very healthy it has like 10 leaves in total and it is growing up now and it has 3 seed pods and it also has about ten flowers and it is not growing as fast now and it is still green after a a week of planting it from the beginning it was 3 cm now after a few weeks it is 10 tall cm before it was growing sideways and now it growing up now it  flowers and pods.

And our manipulated is about 13 cm and it has two leaves turning yellow it has smaller leaves but it has a lot of flowers about 1 more than the controlled but it has only 1 pod the is it growing up and it is also growing a lot faster than before I want to see what the plant is. When we did not put it in sand and it was the same height and now it is taller and it smaller leaves.

I think the sand worked because it is like soil and it also has about the same minerals but i think it has grown more because the sand absorbs the water from the tub and gives the water to the plant so it has more water than the other one and because I planted the controlled.


Plant blog day one.

My groups question was if a plant needs dirt so we put sand and my hypothesis is the plant will not grow as high because sand does not have as many minerals and because it steals the water and I turn yellow for the same reasons. We also planted a normal plant called “controlled ” and it had light water and air also fertilizer and every the a plant needs to live. We manipulated the soil by putting in sand and every thing was normal and we put fertilizer in the sand.


Our controlled is 10 cm and our manipulated is 7 cm and yellow and it is growing  straight more then the controlled. the manipulated is growing slower and starting to grow faster at some points and our controlled is growing smoothly