Maglev day one

A MagLev train is a train that floats above the track making less friction making less friction is good It works because it floats above the track by repelling over the track instead of attracting. Also if it was in a tube with no air (outside) it can go 1,800 miles per hour that is like 700 times faster than the fastest man on earth. (Usain Bolt)

Our first idea was to use strip magnets on the sides of our track and car and a disc magnet on the car and five on the track we thought that would and more repulsion and so more power and also we chose that idea by compromising but we were wrong read more to find out what went wrong  


And  we tried to add more to fill in the gaps, but some were repelling the other ones. Also another problem was still it was uneven with repulsion power  so we took out all the disc magnets and it was all even so that was what we did, but still there were a few problems like the car sometimes attracted to the sides of the track. Also because it did not go that fast so now we are working on it to make it better so it can carry more people (marbles) so it is the most efficient so it is better and cooler.


My experience with my group was GREAT my group (just Tony. Ryan was not here) my group did not have an argument Tony was help full to he help me tape the magnets and checking north or south he also helped me get magnets from Mrs. Magnets (my teacher) also he helped me think (a little) so he was so helpful. also after Ryan had a good idea which I will tell you in my next post. They were very helpful I would give them a 9.9999999 out of 10   

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