Plant blog day 2

Our plants are doing great our controlled is about 10 cm tall and it has flowers it looks very healthy it has like 10 leaves in total and it is growing up now and it has 3 seed pods and it also has about ten flowers and it is not growing as fast now and it is still green after a a week of planting it from the beginning it was 3 cm now after a few weeks it is 10 tall cm before it was growing sideways and now it growing up now it  flowers and pods.

And our manipulated is about 13 cm and it has two leaves turning yellow it has smaller leaves but it has a lot of flowers about 1 more than the controlled but it has only 1 pod the is it growing up and it is also growing a lot faster than before I want to see what the plant is. When we did not put it in sand and it was the same height and now it is taller and it smaller leaves.

I think the sand worked because it is like soil and it also has about the same minerals but i think it has grown more because the sand absorbs the water from the tub and gives the water to the plant so it has more water than the other one and because I planted the controlled.


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