Technology is…

What is technology? Technology is some human. also it has to improve something like how pencils improved the way too right. Before the pencil is the chalk and chalk is messy just like glue or it has to it solve a problem like how the computers solve the problem of looking things up.

The thing that makes the paper technology because it solves a problem  also because it is man made by Johan vaaler in the the 1890  also soon they made a less efficient version of the paper in 1901 Also i think it was made in Germany and everybody loves it maybe

the problem that the paper clip solves is because it makes it if you have 1000 papers you can carry them all the time easier also because it is fun to model with

With out the paper clip there would be papers on the floor and then people would trip and  that a bad thing and soon people would break bones and nobody wants that manly Johan Vaaler.

The thing that the the paper improved on is glue the problem of glue is because it makes marks when you take it out just like the stapler which also needs … staples and staples cost money also the paper clip is fun to play with also the glue and the glue stick is messy just like liquid paint.


this is .5 grams

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