Capstone #3

Blog Post #3


What I enjoyed most about making my final Capstone project was making the slides and putting the slideshow together. Putting the slides together was fun because I liked looking for the pictures and writing the script. I also enjoyed interviewing Paul Wooster and Mike Ogles. It was great that I got to do two Capstone interviews. It was especially exciting to interview Paul Wooster of Spacex the same week as the Spacex and NASA Dragon launch. 

One problem that I encountered was finding online pictures that were free to use for the slides. I really wanted to show everyone what SpaceX’s Starship looks like. I was so happy when Mr. Wooster told me how to find the pictures and that some were available to share. It was more difficult to find photos to illustrate some of the topics I learned about. For some other topics, there were many photos that I wanted to use in my presentation. In the end, I was able to use all the pictures I wanted to use, and I found a way to show something about every topic in my presentation. 

Normally 5th graders would go to a site visit related to their Capstone topic. I wasn’t able to go on one because of Coronavirus. I would have visited Auburn Engineering and the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama where Mr. Ogles has an office. Even though I could not do a site visit, things worked out well. One day last week, I got a package in the mail!  I was so excited. Mr. Ogles sent me a lot of SLS and NASA stickers and pins. Then, the next day my family received a large box from Auburn. Mr. Ogles had told the head of recruiting at the College of Engineering about our phone interview. He asked her to send us some things from Auburn, and she did. The box was full of Auburn Engineering gear like t-shirts, pens, frisbees, shakers, and brochures about the school. It was such a great surprise. 

I am excited to share my final capstone project because I have been working hard on it, and I want people to know that.


Here are some links of resources I used


Link to my final project

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