June 20


Have you ever seen a octopus? I have at a aquarium they are so cool! I wish I saw one wild. Anyway back to octopuses. A long time ago there was a octopuses  that got itself stuck in rock and it made a imprint on where he was stuck and now in London the imprint is there and Jakob Vinther said that is 90 million years old. Just like humans are mammals octopuses are cephalopods which means Head foot because the octopus has arms attached to its head so cool right. I hope you like octopuses as much as I do.

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June 16

EDU Breakout!

Do you know what Edu Breakout is? it is a project where there are about 4 locks in a box and you need to solve the clues to open the the chest with candy inside! we did this during school because maybe one time you go to escape the room and that box is good practice. Or you need to open a box that is locked and you know what to do. The thing I would do next time is try to talk less and make the class needs to not scream so we can hear ideas that we could use. Also we only have 45 minutes to complete the task 

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June 14

My Review on the Kayaking and Paddle Boarding!

Last Monday our class went to a place called the Scarsdale pool. Almost the whole place was closed for us because we were going kayaking there! each stain at the pool had a different kayaking and you could even use a stand-up paddle board! I had so much fun and I really wish we could could go again. and finally I give this adventure 4 stars! **** 

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May 17

The Honest Truth

          The Honest Truth is a great book but also really sad! The book is by Dan Gemeinhart and is a really great book. It is a historical fiction book and it’s so sad that I sometimes close my ears when Mrs. Assatly reads it to us. Even she said that at first she disliked it but the person who had recommend it to her said to “keep on reading because it gets way better” and she did. It did get better and that’s why I love it. I think the main idea of this book is the friendship and loyalty of Mark and Jessie and the friendship of Mark and his amazing dog, Beau. Also another main idea is the will to live against all odds. I think you should read this book and you will not be disappointed.

The Honest Truth is about a boy named Mark with cancer who runs away. He wants to climb a mountain even though he is close to death. He bought bus tickets even though he wasn’t going to use them to make the police think he took the bus but he had ordered train tickets as well and took the train instead. Then he hid his amazing dog that he brought with him in a duffle bag. After he got out of the train he went down to eat, but because he had cancer when he ate he vomited after a minute or two of eating. So he had to leave but while he was walking away a gang of kids came and stole all his money.  The moment they saw he was bald they ran and one of them left 20$. He was weak and hurt from all the punches and kicks so he laid down to die.

But did he die? No! He woke up the next day feeling hurt and sick but he heard some type of great singing. At first he thought he was in heaven but he wasn’t. He went inside and snuck into the bathroom to wash himself off. He was a bloody mess! After he finished cleaning himself he went to head out but a woman that was singing caught him. They spoke in Spanish and Mark tried to say “let me call my parents,” but instead of calling his parents he tried to trick the police. The police however located him but he was long gone before they could catch him. Later he was on a bus to Mount Rainier (the mountain he wants to climb up)  but the driver noticed him and made him get off on the next stop. What made things worse was that it was pouring out. He tried to get to a island surrounded by water with a log connecting to the mainland but when he tried to cross he slipped. Beau saved him and they slept on the island. The next day he was walking towards the mountain and a man in a truck picked him up and drove him. He warned him that he wouldn’t tell the police where he was for a hour or so but then he would call the police. So mark set off to climb the mountain. He was close to the top but he was dying so he went into a cave to die. By then the man had called the police and Beau went down the mountain to find help because of Marks state. He found the police who followed the dog to Mark and in the end Beau saved Marks life.


May 11

“Linus and Lucy” and “Take Five”

Linus and Lucy is a song that is from the Peanuts movie and is a great song to play on the piano! I learned a lot of it and I enjoy it a lot. Do you know how old the peanuts are? They are about 50 years old! This is a really fast piece to play that sounds really good. Take Five is one of my favorite Jazz songs that I can play with the saxophone. The song is by Dave Brubeck who makes great songs

April 21

My Review on… Five Guys!

41/2 stars!

I love Five guys! It’s in White Plains and the food is amazing. There are things that are grilled and delicious hamburgers and hot dogs. It’s kid friendly usually small but cozy. There a lot of choices on what to eat on the menu.What I usually order is a hot dog. The hot dogs are different than regular because they’re cut in half. My family usually gets hamburgers because they are the best around.                                                                                                                                                                                            Sometimes the waiters aren’t too nice though but nice enough. It smells fine but it isn’t too fancy but the servers are fast and easy for food. It’s loud in there but the music blocks the sound of cooking out a little. I recommend it to any person who loves a lot of good food and I would love to go back and my overall experience was great and I think a lot of people should try that great place.

April 19

Hello, Cyber world!

Hi, my name is James and welcome to my new blog! Let me tell you a little about myself. I love to ski and bike and also, I love to play outside. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother – a lot right? I’m almost never alone! Of course, I have a mom and dad. I live in a pretty big house and have one dog. I live in New York.

One time it was snowing and I saw someone cross country skiing! (that means skiing on flat grounds.) I also love to play with my friends and talk to them. Another thing happened when I was biking and I saw this pure black cat with bright yellow eyes looking at me, but more of that later. In this blog I hopefully will talk about things that happened once a week or twice or loads of times.

I also love to read and play electronics I will recommend books and fun games to play. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I will. See you on my next post!