Passion Project Post #2: Note Taking And Research

This is a picture of my note taking system.


When I was searching for sources to use I had a lot of trouble. This is because pickleball isn’t a known sport. Our librarian showed my class many sites that have a lot of topics on them, but none of them had anything on my topic. This meant I had to take matters into my own hands. I searched the internet for sites about pickleball and I was actually surprised on how many I found. I am making sure that the sources I use are credible by checking the information I find with information from other websites. I think the best website I found was the United States of America Pickleball Association’s website because it has everything that I need to know. Things such as what equipment you need and the history of the game. I want to work on my nonfiction comprehension skills and I want to get  better at restating information in my own words. In the past, when I was reading something that is nonfiction and taking notes about it I would come across many times when I was only able to slightly switch up one or two words in the sentence. In other words I would only be able to switch easy words with their synonyms. Sometimes I just switch up the order of the sentence. I want to be able to make more drastic changes to the exact words I find on a website and be able to comprehend the sentences better to do so. One note taking strategy I will be using is color coding. I have set up a system that makes every site I use a different color. This is helpful because when I finish this project I will know what sources I used for each question. I picked this strategy because my english teacher Mr. DeBerry recommended it to me. I can’t wait to finish researching!

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