Passion Project Post #3: How It’s Going

So far I have been making good progress. I have gotten a lot of research done in the last few days. I am really happy about my note taking system. I think color coding was a really good idea. I also feel that the quality of my work is the best I can do. This is because I wrote full, long paragraphs on each sub-question. The most helpful source I have been using is the USAPA website. This is because not only did it have all the information I needed but it also gave me new sources to use. I thought this was tremendously helpful because I didn’t have that many sources because pickleball is not a none topic. So the fact that the website was helping me out was great. I have also learned a lot so here is three fun facts:

 1. According to USAPA: April is National Pickleball Month! So this was great timing.

2. The origin of the name pickleball is a debate that is still going on today.

3. There is a national pickleball tournament that is covered by the pickleball channel. Check them out on YouTube if you want to watch a game.



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