Passion Project Post #6: My Final Project

At last we are at the end of The Passion Project 2020! It took a lot to get here. Such as Noodletools, 5 previous blog posts, and a whole lot of researching, but I made it!

This is a picture of my WeVideo presentation. If you didn’t know that is what it looks like when you are making one.

For my final project I am making a mix of a WeVideo and a Slideshow. What I mean is that I am making a WeVideo that includes a how-to video and pre-made slides. I chose to use WeVideo because we used it quite a bit in elementary school and I think I am pretty good at it. I also chose it because I could do voiceovers. I also included videos of me giving examples on how to play the game. I chose to use this format because I personally, would rather watch a 5 minute video that is exciting versus just reading a presentation for ten minutes. I also thought that a video would be much more fun to make. I am really excited to share this video because pickleball isn’t a known sport so I know that my audience will  learn something from my project. I also hope it inspires them to play the game themselves.

Overall, I liked this project and I think it was a great way to pass time during these past few weeks.

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