Passion Project Post #7: The Final Post

I think one of the good things about doing this project outside of school is how we can take this project at our own pace. For example if half of my class has finished one part of the assignment it doesn’t affect me as long as I get it done at the end. I also liked how we were able to be super independent in this project. What I mean is we got to make all the decisions about where are project was gonna go. It also helped us learn how to be more responsible.

Some of the challenges of being outside of school was  staying focused. Because we are in our houses during this time it was much easier to get distracted from our work. For example when you sit in your room you are tempted to play outside or use your phone. When we were in school this wasn’t a problem because we had more rules. Another challenge was not being able to easily communicate with my teacher. In other words if I needed help or clarification, I was mostly on my own. Even though this was a challenge I am happy it happened because I think it taught me to problem solve these kind of things better.

During this project I learned that my time management skills have room for improvement. In other words during  this project I did a ton of procrastinating and pushing back deadlines. I think in the future I will know to discipline myself more when it comes to getting a project done. Because we were not in school I think I had to learn to trust my gut more. What I mean is in the past, I liked to ask: is this good? Because there was no teacher near me during this project I had to ask myself: is this good and is this the best I can do.

Overall, I think that the passion project taught me a lot, and not just about pickleball.

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