Fantasy Post # 2

The Analytical Paragraph:

I like that we don’t have to worry as much about structure. It makes it easier when we don’t have to have three body paragraphs and a introduction & conclusion. We don’t have to worry if some look much shorter than the others do because they are all together. I finds this comforting because I like my paragraphs to be about the same length, and when there is just one large one, I don’t have to worry about how it looks. Also the introduction and conclusion don’t have to be as formal. In other words, it can just bleed into the evidence and analysis. In my opinion that makes it easier to write them. I find it interesting that you can prove a topic, have a conclusion and a introduction in just one paragraph. I also found it interesting that I had the capability of writing a  two page paragraph!

I found it challenging to keep track of the different parts of the paragraph. It is easier to edit an essay because you can take it piece by piece. For example I can edit and perfect my introduction, and after that I can do the same to my first paragraph, and so on. When writing an analytical paragraph it is MUCH harder to edit because I have to edit a part and then I’ll loose my place and start reading the entire thing again. This can be pretty time consuming when you have a two-page paragraph.

I just finished my first analytical paragraph press here  if you would like to read it. I think it was some of my best analytical work.

Here is an excerpt from it. This is personally my favorite part of the paragraph because I think I did a nice job or bringing all f the evidence together in a conclusion. I am very proud of it.

Overall, this is an important thing to remember when reviewing Harry’s traits. Harry’s family left a mark on his confidence, that hopefully he can get rid of. So in Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone Harry Potter who lives in a closet under the stairs in his uncle’s house and who gets a very small amount of value in the family is self conscious because of his family. 

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