For my Issac Newton project I only used one website but steed all of the websites pages on a separate sheet.                     I got all of thew right laws and good information about the scientist and mathematician. I put the information down in my own words. Then I printed the draft or final paper out.  I had some mistakes so I fixed them and printed the new versions. I then had a picture of Isaac Newton.  Then I taped all of the papers and the picture to the extended poster board. After that I drew a picture of an Apple . Then I cut it out and taped it to the board.  I drew a tree above the apple and demonstrated that it was falling.  Isaac Newton says ” GREETINGS CITIZENS ! ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      THANX              J.M


My group worked on making the rocket aerodynamic so there would be no drag. Drag slows the rocket down when it takes off from the launch pad. The rocket is 1 and 3/4 bottles. The nose cone was secure with 3 layers of duck tape.          our group fought a lot. sometimes the only person who seemed to calm E.Z and I down was N.B . Very suprising .          Our wings were made from cardboard and Styrofoam. We hot glued them on . E.Z then covered the cardboard wings with green and white Duck tape . After everything was on , we added the extra layers of unneeded weight. I am very excited for the launch on TUESDAY !!!!

The wings took a while to make. The Styrofoam was hard to cut and O.G messed up cutting the first one, so we had to start over with the wings. We were told to trace the Templet 3 times first and then to cut the wings out. I sandpapered them to perfection. Now the wings just cracked and the teacher will fix them and then hot glue them on. E.Z sandpapered the new wing and then had to start over and make a new one because the wing was too small. The finished wing is now almost thew right size and shape.


The new post is about the largest diamonds in the world.  One diamond is called the HOPE diamond.                              The diamond HOPE is blue. there are many images that are different of the diamond . i am pretty sure that                     the diamond is a heart-shaped cut/ facet.





Welcome back. Today you will be reading about the GOLDEN JUBILEE, the largest diamond in the world. The diamond is 545.67 carats, towering over the CULLINAN  1, weighing 15.37 carats. The diamond is yet, also the most faceted diamond ever .  The next gem is the PAPAMEL AQUAMARINE. Stay tuned.



1) PAPAMEL AQUAMARINE                                                                                                                                                                 2) GOLDEN JUBILEE                                                                                                                                                                                3) CULLINAN 1


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Welcome to Gems Galore. In this blog I will  give you information about the biggest and most

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welcome to 2016-2017

It is a brand new school year! I’m happy that there is a snack. I have minecraft club today and I am very excited. Elliot and I are going to make the Twin Towers and the 1 train south ferry subway station. I just came up with an idea that along with the station,we can build the South Ferry ship terminal with a few ships. I am excited. I am excited about the philli trip. We have snack and recess next after i finish typing this large paragraph. Next after snack and recess,we have science. Yay! I am having a playdate with Nate this weekend on saturday. I want to continue the Treasure Hunters book series . The next book is titled: Danger Down The Nile!