Colombia plane crash emergency

Yesterday a colombian plane crashe near a city due to an unknown emergency. LAMIA flight 2933 carried a brazillian soccer team and 6 people survived the crash. The team was to play on November 30,the start of the cup finals. 18 days ago, the legendary Argentenian team was on the same exact plane.

Thanksgiving weekend

My thanksgiving was great. I went to a football game. Guilford dropped  the ball but then it rolled into the end zone. yay. My dad was very happy. I got cold at the game because it was about 30 degrees out. Then I had a bowl of chilli. It didnt go well with the lemon lime soda I had earlier. Then I started to feel nausous and also felt SUPER cold. We had to go. Then my dad said to go and we did.  We went to my dad’s friends’ parents house like we always did for 4 or 5 years. I started to feel worse and got tired.

The next day we headed to the city for thanksgiving. I felt a little better, but had a hard time getting comfortable in my seat. I also felt tired.   Dad got donuts. they were good. When we arrived, I sat down and then went downstairs to play. I didn’t feel much better, but good enough to play.

The next day we went shopping. my brother got new shoes. After being out for about 2 hours, we went home. We put everything in dad’s car, then he got the Pokemon packs and then went home. We opened the packs and I got a Holo and regular rare, but the Holo did 100,160,and 230 damage. Saturday we had a party. A lot of our city friends came to our house. My best friends stayed until 9:00. We tossed around pillows and sometimes I got hurt. BANG! I hit the hard part of the couch. I soon felt better. The cold is gone too. This was the most fun thanksgiving ever, aside from the cold.

Expert Parent Share

Today R’s dad came in to talk about his buisness. He disscussed the trade of things and explaned to us that counterfit money was possible and some people do that for a living , making fake money. He said that the government puts people in jail when caught. In another country, the Emperor executes those people who are caught making counterfit money. Then we made our own money in groups of our choice. I was in a group with O and E. We made a company called FIVE STAR BUCKS. I made the million dollar bills , Olivia made the Thousands , and Elliot made the hundreds , fifty ,ETC. I though that there should be 100,000,000 bills printing in a day.

Florentine Yellow

This new gem is the Florentine. It weighs 137.27 carats. It is a many faceted yellow ball diamond. It was used as a gem in the Habsburg crown later used in a brooch. Nobody knows were it is since 1919. It got its name from the Medici family who lived in Florence,Italy.



MYSTERY ????????

Success Level AAA+

The launch ten minutes ago was the most amazing i’ll ever see. The High Fliers succeded so much, our Rocket went from last place to 2nd highest today. Our rocket did amazing and so did O.G. She pulled the cord and then , at that moment, I started to realize what just happened. I watched as the rocket took off into the beautiful day. It nearly touched the clouds. Then as it came down, I started screaming and jumping up and down. Then I ran to O.G and then to N.B and E.Z. We new that the rocket that we made just made history in The High Fliers. This Rocket was most improved from a week and a half ago. This rocket was completely new and to go from last place to 2nd or 3rd,in a week, well if you ask me, its amazing. The other groups did as well as we did so you could say that basically, all groups came to a tie. To end this on a happy note, our group came in second.



Gems Galore Special branch X

This special edition of Gems Galore! is about the largest diamond ever excavated from the ground. It was made into several of the worlds largest Colorless Diamonds. The uncut Diamond was 3106.75 carats. It has been made into the Cullinan I and Cullinan II. The two great Diamonds are both Crown Jewels.

Rocketry launch2

img_1565       The nose cone is ready. The wings are glued on. Materials managers to be announced. The launch is here. O.G is launching. I am pumping. The rocket is one bottle containing two wings in one, a black 3D printed nose cone, and original logos and jingles. The Drone shown will be flying over the first rocket.

It has a camera too.

Elizabeth Taylor Diamond

Elizabeth Taylor had a diamond that according to me , it was the biggest diamond ring in celebrity history. Jeweler Cartier bought it for 1,050,000 dollars. It is 68 carats.

Beyonce’s Diamond Ring

Beyonce Emerald cut diamond that is 18 carats. Jay-Z bought it for $ 5 million. Everyone found out at the Fashion Rock benefit in New York City. The diamond is flawless. Set in platinum, it is the most expensive Diamond ring on celebrity record.

Dresden Green

Hello! This new Diamond is called the Dresden, as you can see. It is Green. This wonderful pear-shaped Diamond is 41 carats. It got its name from the Green Vaults in Dresden, Germany. It was bought by Friedrich August in 1742 for 400,000 taler.