Thanksgiving weekend

My thanksgiving was great. I went to a football game. Guilford dropped  the ball but then it rolled into the end zone. yay. My dad was very happy. I got cold at the game because it was about 30 degrees out. Then I had a bowl of chilli. It didnt go well with the lemon lime soda I had earlier. Then I started to feel nausous and also felt SUPER cold. We had to go. Then my dad said to go and we did.  We went to my dad’s friends’ parents house like we always did for 4 or 5 years. I started to feel worse and got tired.

The next day we headed to the city for thanksgiving. I felt a little better, but had a hard time getting comfortable in my seat. I also felt tired.   Dad got donuts. they were good. When we arrived, I sat down and then went downstairs to play. I didn’t feel much better, but good enough to play.

The next day we went shopping. my brother got new shoes. After being out for about 2 hours, we went home. We put everything in dad’s car, then he got the Pokemon packs and then went home. We opened the packs and I got a Holo and regular rare, but the Holo did 100,160,and 230 damage. Saturday we had a party. A lot of our city friends came to our house. My best friends stayed until 9:00. We tossed around pillows and sometimes I got hurt. BANG! I hit the hard part of the couch. I soon felt better. The cold is gone too. This was the most fun thanksgiving ever, aside from the cold.

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