Amtrak Takes Over!

Amtrak is working on a new high speed train: Avelia Liberty. This futuristic train will reach speeds up to 220 mph. Currently Amtrak’s northeast corridor Siemens Sprinters are going 160 mph for a short time. Amtrak just came out with the 2016 Siemens Charger, which is not what it sounds like. The Siemens Charger often runs with the Sprinters and is most likely to be in the back. So I don’t know if it can charge the Sprinters. Avelia Liberty has Crash Energy Managment, and has 20% less energy consumption. It will cost Amtrak $2 billion, $9 million per car. TOO EXPENSIVE! Also Amtrak has to Improve their tracks before this wild creation can go 220 mph. Also the train can be added more cars but that is impossible. Each $9 million car shares a pair of wheels with another car, so that would mean that you would have to take the two cars off the wheels and add one more set of wheels and one more car.

They will not have this thing running by 2019. Uh oh. 🙁


The Christmas Chronicles : A New Era


King Enderman stepped onto the platform of Nether square Avelia Liberty Amtrak station. Yup. He was taking the legendary train. It came out early. He only fractured his hipbone. That wasn’t such an injury compare to the concussion he got after the bomb in the Christmas tree stage. He soared up to the ceiling and got the concussion. Then he fell. That was all he remembered. There. Finally the train came. Well it looked more fancy than ever for its first time running. ” Guards, come! ” he said. Within 40 minutes they had reached 220 miles per hour. The train slowed to 144. Not so slow, he thought. Now they were approaching Penn station. They got off and got in a limo. —-

They drove past Laguardia. A plane dove into the hillside. They watched as it blew into smitherines. Then they saw her. Queen Fluffpiggy started out of the wreckage. Her dress was covered with soot. She saw them in the car and jumped. ” What the– ” She landed on the top of the car.

NEW Episode Of The Christmas Chronicles : The Cleanup Continues…


November 18, 2016- ” A massive cleanup continues after the bomb in the viewing area explodes, hurting 567 people, including  King Enderman of the Nether. This video was recorded seconds after the bomb went off. ‘ He is lucky to have survived. Bep. Bep. Beep. Beeep. What in the- BOOMFNMF AHHH! follow safety instructions! PLEASE! Everyone get out!!!—-‘ Everyone is lucky to not be hurt as badly as King Ender– ZOOM. The TV went black. ” Yeah, right” snarled Enderman. ” Do they really think they can put something out there without hurting me? ”  He was in first class on Quantas Airlines heading to the Nether to check on the kingdom. He needed a switch flight: American Airlines. Then he heard ” Brace for impact” over the PA. Then the lights went out. ” Why do I alway- ” The plane crash landed on its belly on the runway. Then It exploded.

Expert lecture 4

Today Ronald’s dad came in to talk to us about his profession. He thinks of ways to help the world to not pollute the atmosphere. He and some other specialists came up with a way for battleships to recycle their trash without putting it in the ocean, which is now a law not to throw garbage in the ocean. Then he told us that his friend got killed by getting heated up by 800 mega volts electricity. Unfortunately, he didn’t close the Quartz door, and didn’t get out of the room in time, so either got fried by the lazer, or got electricuted by the 800 mega volts. There is also a chemical that he is working on, which is called super critical fluids, which was in the Quartz and metal box. I would’ve maybe forgotten to lock the three doors and the Quartz door. BAM. Hurt badly or maybe dead.

The Christmas Chronicles: Episode One: Slay you there!

It was almost Christmastime . Now everyone starts arriving. Gifts are bought, trees go up, and the Holidays are ready. But no one has come to think of it that you can make your ship into a slay. Even though I have already done that, Its time for me to track down Santa, which I haven’t done in five years.——

November 15, 2016- King Enderman stepped off his private A432.  It had cost him more than he’d wanted to pay to get it. He looked around the landing area. It was all green. He liked that fact. Then he heard people talking about his kingdom’s Puple Ender Diamond. Yup. He was still searching to find it all these years. Then he saw it. In the box. Down the hall. Then somebody stepped in front of the case, then left. The Gem was gone. He tore away from his guards and raced after the stealer. He couldn’t keep track where his stealer was, but soon found him. He came up to him and said ” Ooh. What’s that? ” “Excuse me, This is not yours. ” ” That crown is the crown of the nether. ” ” Excuse me for second time, but I got permission to take. ” ” Oh yeah? Well I will tell my guards.” King Enderman of the Nether signaled to his guards. ” Put Him on board.”  He didn’t have time for this. He had a show to attend. ——-

November 15, 1256- Iron Golem had never seen such a kingdom. He’d been brought here when he was little, then inherited the King job. He had a fortune teller: Enderman was to be born later, in 1987. Iron was only 21. Such a young job, he thought. He owned the Nether. But, unfortunately, he had buisness to attend. A guard moved a quick as lightening. He came up to him and moved his finger back pressing Iron’s poisonous needle into his skin.——- November 15, 2016- Enderman finished his last sentence on Iron Golem’s near death on the stage. He then heard ticking in the eiry silence. ” What in the- ” Then the room exploded.

The Christmas Chronicles: ALERT!

The first episode of THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES is coming out tonight, due to the producer, who moved the date of the filming to today. The new series starts at 5:00 tonight. NOTE: this first episode WILL be filmed!  I hope to see you all tonight! Happy Holidays!

The Christmas Chronicles

This Christmas season, THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES are taking part in the holiday season and blog channel, JJINGLES.  The new series is coming out TOMORROW at 7:00. Stay tuned! SLAY you there!

The Book Wizards

My new book club is the BOOK WIZARDS. I am with EZhang24, kren24,and hkoch24. Our book club is going smoothly. The next book we will read will hopefully be WONDER. I started it but did not finish it. What we are reading now is THE HIGHER POWER OF LUCKY. Right now I am interested in finding out how LUCKY, the main character, finds her HIGHER POWER. All of my book club members are my friends. I am looking foward to talking about the book when everyone is done. All the others in my group are ahead of me. Its like they go WHOOSH! with the pages! So, Ill see YOU there!

Expert Lecture 2

The 2nd expert lecture was O’s mom. She talked to us about charity programs and the fun of giving, how you can make donations that can help. We also made our own charity programs with a partner. O.G and I made a charity that gives toys to kids in need. I think that if we actually make this charity, there might be a big box of toys to deliver. THUMP! Maybe the charity could have like a big office,and then a big factory. She also told us that a philanthropist is the person or a staff member that works with charitys. Another important thing was that all charitys have to have a budget. O.G and I chose $5 billion.

Some charity programs can be:


stuffed animals