The Christmas Chronicles: Episode One: Slay you there!

It was almost Christmastime . Now everyone starts arriving. Gifts are bought, trees go up, and the Holidays are ready. But no one has come to think of it that you can make your ship into a slay. Even though I have already done that, Its time for me to track down Santa, which I haven’t done in five years.——

November 15, 2016- King Enderman stepped off his private A432.  It had cost him more than he’d wanted to pay to get it. He looked around the landing area. It was all green. He liked that fact. Then he heard people talking about his kingdom’s Puple Ender Diamond. Yup. He was still searching to find it all these years. Then he saw it. In the box. Down the hall. Then somebody stepped in front of the case, then left. The Gem was gone. He tore away from his guards and raced after the stealer. He couldn’t keep track where his stealer was, but soon found him. He came up to him and said ” Ooh. What’s that? ” “Excuse me, This is not yours. ” ” That crown is the crown of the nether. ” ” Excuse me for second time, but I got permission to take. ” ” Oh yeah? Well I will tell my guards.” King Enderman of the Nether signaled to his guards. ” Put Him on board.”  He didn’t have time for this. He had a show to attend. ——-

November 15, 1256- Iron Golem had never seen such a kingdom. He’d been brought here when he was little, then inherited the King job. He had a fortune teller: Enderman was to be born later, in 1987. Iron was only 21. Such a young job, he thought. He owned the Nether. But, unfortunately, he had buisness to attend. A guard moved a quick as lightening. He came up to him and moved his finger back pressing Iron’s poisonous needle into his skin.——- November 15, 2016- Enderman finished his last sentence on Iron Golem’s near death on the stage. He then heard ticking in the eiry silence. ” What in the- ” Then the room exploded.

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