NEW Episode Of The Christmas Chronicles : The Cleanup Continues…


November 18, 2016- ” A massive cleanup continues after the bomb in the viewing area explodes, hurting 567 people, including ┬áKing Enderman of the Nether. This video was recorded seconds after the bomb went off. ‘ He is lucky to have survived. Bep. Bep. Beep. Beeep. What in the- BOOMFNMF AHHH! follow safety instructions! PLEASE! Everyone get out!!!—-‘ Everyone is lucky to not be hurt as badly as King Ender– ZOOM. The TV went black. ” Yeah, right” snarled Enderman. ” Do they really think they can put something out there without hurting me? ” ┬áHe was in first class on Quantas Airlines heading to the Nether to check on the kingdom. He needed a switch flight: American Airlines. Then he heard ” Brace for impact” over the PA. Then the lights went out. ” Why do I alway- ” The plane crash landed on its belly on the runway. Then It exploded.

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