The Christmas Chronicles : A New Era


King Enderman stepped onto the platform of Nether square Avelia Liberty Amtrak station. Yup. He was taking the legendary train. It came out early. He only fractured his hipbone. That wasn’t such an injury compare to the concussion he got after the bomb in the Christmas tree stage. He soared up to the ceiling and got the concussion. Then he fell. That was all he remembered. There. Finally the train came. Well it looked more fancy than ever for its first time running. ” Guards, come! ” he said. Within 40 minutes they had reached 220 miles per hour. The train slowed to 144. Not so slow, he thought. Now they were approaching Penn station. They got off and got in a limo. —-

They drove past Laguardia. A plane dove into the hillside. They watched as it blew into smitherines. Then they saw her. Queen Fluffpiggy started out of the wreckage. Her dress was covered with soot. She saw them in the car and jumped. ” What the– ” She landed on the top of the car.

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