Amtrak Takes Over!

Amtrak is working on a new high speed train: Avelia Liberty. This futuristic train will reach speeds up to 220 mph. Currently Amtrak’s northeast corridor Siemens Sprinters are going 160 mph for a short time. Amtrak just came out with the 2016 Siemens Charger, which is not what it sounds like. The Siemens Charger often runs with the Sprinters and is most likely to be in the back. So I don’t know if it can charge the Sprinters. Avelia Liberty has Crash Energy Managment, and has 20% less energy consumption. It will cost Amtrak $2 billion, $9 million per car. TOO EXPENSIVE! Also Amtrak has to Improve their tracks before this wild creation can go 220 mph. Also the train can be added more cars but that is impossible. Each $9 million car shares a pair of wheels with another car, so that would mean that you would have to take the two cars off the wheels and add one more set of wheels and one more car.

They will not have this thing running by 2019. Uh oh. 🙁


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