Expert Lecture #6

For expert lecture 6 Jonah’s mom came in to talk about genes. We did a family tree for Harry Potter and STAR WARS. Harry potter was really big because Sirious black has a brother that died and then he died, and Harry was connected to him because they were friends, and Harry dad’s brother takes care of him now but then Harry got married to Jinny and they had three kids, and Ron married Hermione and they had two or three kids. Then for STAR WARS Annikan married Padme and had Luke and Leia, Annikan and Padme died and then Leia married Han Solo and had Ben Solo and then Ben turned into Kylo Wren. So basically, Ms. Hopkins wants to find out why someone died in families, or if anyone in the previous generation had cancer and passed it down because someone has cancer and is in the hospital that is in that family. Like in WONDER, Via and August have the same genes, even though Via doesn’t have a deformed face like August. So that means that if both of them have children, Via has a 50-50 chance of her kids have a deformed face, and August has something like a 75-90% chance of his kids have a deformed face. She is currently studying the genes of ancestors of families.

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