Rube Goldberg Update #2


Olivia and I have changed the drawer opening to an egg cracking Rube Goldberg. Here is our materials list.

PAPER TOWEL ROLLS- These will be used for the ramps/inclined planes.

EGGS- For our fails and succeses.

JENGA BLOCKS- Used for dominoes.

SMALL BALLS- These will hit the jenga blocks and eggs.

SMALL HOT WHEELS CARS- These will hit each other and the jenga blocks.

BOWL- Will crack the egg when it hit the bowl.

1 HAND- To start the machine.

CARDBOARD- It will be used for roads for the jenga blocks.

FOAM BLOCKS- These will be used for supports.

The reason why I wanted to change it was because we really couldn’t find a way to continues the steps for opening the drawer. It would also be much harder and wold be hard for us to come up with the object the actually opened the drawer. This way, the egg would be not so complex and wouldn’t require a lot of force to have.


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