Crazy Moments: Dueling Dragons

Are you familiar to the tingling in your legs when you are about to do something scary? Well in this case, it is a roller coaster. One vacation last year was to Disney Parks. But for a couple of days my family and I went to Universal Studios. My dad and I went to a ride called Dueling Dragons in Harry Potter land, to, I think to the west of the park. When he told me we should ride it, I was a little nervous, but for some reason, I said yes. Usually roller coasters like this one would scare me and make me say no, but today, I guess something clicked inside my mind that made me say yes. ( I am not saying that I wanted to say no.) So we had to rent a locker because the train would go so fast that the stuff in your pockets could fall out. So we quickly went on line ( there was no line ) and got our magic bands scanned. The path went across a bridge  which was next to the tracks. We got in the fast-pass line and then got in the real line for the ride. We quickly got on the coaster. My feet dangled loosely from the car. There was a seat belt check, and then we were off. Up the track. There was a clicking sound and then the train went down the slope 150 feet up and immediately went into a loop. Then it came down into a corkscrew and another loop. There are 3 loops, 2 cork screws. The other one is much more intence and is faster.

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  1. Did you know they used to send them at the same time? Now they don’t because a wallet hit another persons eye

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