SNOW DAY!!!!! :-)

Yesterday we had a snow day because of the 6 or 7 inches that came down yesterday. The call came at about 5:00. The snow came from 12:00 AM to 7:00 PM. The winds were high and dangerous. My brother and I went outside for about 10 minutes before my mom called us in because of the wind. It was about thirty miles per hour and blew the trees this way and that. That morning I had been playing video games until 2:00. When I got up I felt dizzy because I had been staring ¬†at my Bloon defenders for 3 hours. I was outside to make an ice-airport for my Air Force One, but then I wanted to dig up my LEGO tracks in the grass that I laid down the tracks just a few days earlier. And that’s when we got pulled in. Mom said we could go back our when the wind advisory went down. I was really angry. But that chance went bye-bye when I went to my grandma’s. I did my homework there.

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