When father said I would be going to TRA, I didn’t know what he was talking about. He didn’t tell me ANYTHING until we reached Rambana. The Emperial Transporter landed beside a retired AT-AT that was, I guess, supposed to be the Academy. The Walker sat in front of a Takodana-style main hall and entrance. We were the first ones there, besides King Oerta from the Dark Region and his son. I protested against going there, because I have a horrible memory of Dark Region’s King’s son. Darkson and I once had to get along when my father, King Narwal, had a meeting with King Oerta. He got mad that his father was taking so long and ddn’t like me, so he threw a truck at my face. I am a Royal Animus, or a Magic Prince,which hasn’t happened in almost 500 years. Luckily, I was able to stop the oncoming truck and fly it through the roof. So I wasn’t exactly happy sharing a school with him and other possible babies. He was having the same issue. He put on his helmet like he didn’t want to see Oerta’s face anymore. His luggage cart floated along after him.  I left with fury. The headmaster was waiting on the steps of the entry hall and told me to put my luggage cart over to the side of the building. Then It was 02:00, and school started. The ships flew in and I watched My father’s ship dissapear into the mist. I would be alone. Alone in this crazy world.

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