Capstone#3: Site Visit

Yesterday I had my site visit. I went to Garden City’s Cradle of Aviation museum in Long Island. The museum was not packed, so that made it easier to get somewhere. The first thing we went to was the airplane hangar, which had 3 fighter jets with missiles and the cockpit of a Boeing 707 from El Al airlines, which was the first ever flown. The next thing we went to was the Pan American Airlines exhibit, which was about their Boeing 314, which was a sea plane and carried 78 passengers and crew maximum. I watched 2 videos on how the 314’s were luxury, and how they were made for better passenger service to Asia. Then me and my grandma spotted a model of a Pan Am Boeing 747, which was very cool. Then we went to the galleries to see the modern planes today exhibit. I watched a video there on planes that crashed and how the US fixed them for World War 1&2. I also saw a model of a World War bomber. The most exciting thing I saw was the size comparison of all the planes ever made(in model form) and also saw an Airbus A-380 engine, from the largest passenger airliner in the world. Last, we listened to a talk by Charles Lindbergh’s daughter. Charles Lindbergh was a historic flier when he made the first flight across the ocean from Long Island to France. I also bought a book on Boeing, the number one plane maker of the world.


Our immigration unit is over, and my group is releasing our video on Scarsdale Schools blogs. We had one major issue when we were filming: fighting. We had heated arguments all the time. But after Ms. Boyer suggested that we should not do voice overs, we said yes, and things became a lot easier after that. SO, PRESENTING, IMMIGRATION: SETTLING IN AMERICA!

Capstone: Sub Questions

For Capstone, I am doing the question”How have aviation disasters affected plane manufacturers and their safety?” My sub questions are:

How have planes improved after a major disaster?

What problems were faced by airlines?

What problems affected people and their opinions of air travel?

What airplane materials have changed?

How have communications through radio improved on planes?