Working On My Final Product- Capstone

I have worked on my slides for my final product. My slides are animated, and they look really cool. The slides took me FOREVER. One other thing that took a lot of time was my script. I kept having to change it, because the part where I say the plane dropped and took 1 minute, I had to get my facts straight. The proper fact was 3 minutes and 30 seconds. I also added some posters to my script, like in my final video. One poster was for Air France flight 447. What I did was I drew a picture of the plane falling. So the top part of the board was when the plane stared to fall. Another plane was below that one, representing the drop in the next minute. And then the bottom was the plane in the water with people flying through the air, the plane broken up. I also made 2 posters to represent the start of the crash I was going to describe. Overall, this project was really fun.

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