What Does Screen Time Mean?

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You get a wide range of reactions when you mention the phrase “screen time.”  Please use the Comment space below to respond to the following questions:

  1. What does “screen time” mean to you?
  2. What does it mean to your parents?
  3. Think of an activity that requires a device. How can you influence or persuade your parents to see the value in giving you screen time?

Floating Trash

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Every year humans discard their trash which winds up in waterways around the world. Here is a video on one such “floating trash island” in the Caribbean Sea. What else can we learn about floating trash islands? Take a few moments to help the class crowdsource Internet resources to understand this “water catastrophe” (according to Evie).

How Do You Define A Sport?

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How do you define sport or athlete? There are nearly 60 events in the Summer and Winter Olympics, but each year there are some that get people to stop and ask, “How is this a sport?” And then there’s another event that’s become very popular in competitive sports world — Sport (Cup) Stacking. Watch this video to learn about this fast growing sport! Then reply to this post with a response to the question — What makes cup stacking a sport?