Healthy Communities

This video featuring cartoon birds on a wire sends a message about communities that work and don’t work. Watch the video. When you’re done watching respond to these questions.Β What does this cartoon say about communities?Β Who is the antagonist in this video?

46 thoughts on “Healthy Communities

  1. This shows that they only like the small birds and no one else. The antagonist is the big bird that makes weird squawking sounds.

  2. The cartoon shows that the communities usually don’t respect the “people” that don’t look like you and don’t sound like you. I think the main antagonist is probably the big blue bird.

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  3. I think this video shows people to treat others the way you want to be treated. In this video the antagonist is the big blue bird.

  4. I think this video says that some communities are exclusive like how all the little birds tried to exclude the big bird, I also think that the antagonist in this video is the big bird.

  5. I think this video shows how to treat other people but in this case other animals I think this because the little birds laughed at the big blue bird and then at the end when all the little birds lose all there feathers the big bird laughed because they laughed at him. Also I think the main character is the big blue bird who did not loose his feathers. πŸ™‚

  6. I think the cartoon says that the community has lots of birds and not a lot of people. The antagonist is the big blue bird.

  7. This cartoon shows that communities are all different, but everyone has feelings and everyone needs to respect each other no matter what you look like .

  8. Maya Dhiman
    1.) I think in the community it is a place were there lots of farm

    2.) I think the antagonist is the big blue bird

    I thought the video was a funny video πŸ™‚

  9. What this cartoon says about communities that work and don’t work is that all the little birds are fighting over their space, also the antagonist is the big blue bird, he stands out from the rest and just wants to fit in. At the end of the video, all of the little birds lose their feathers and the big blue one laughs at them, instead of them laughing at the antagonist, the big blue bird.

  10. I think the antagonist is the biggest bird because it is the person who is bringing the most attention and because it is causing the most trouble.

  11. in the video birds on the wire the cartoon says about the communities that you should treat people you want to be treated

  12. This cartoon shows that some communities don’t get along. The smaller birds were mocking the tall bird because he was different. The main antagonist is the bird that’s different.??

  13. I think the big bird is the antagonist.That the community doesn’t respect others that don’t look the same as you or sound the same as you. πŸ™‚

  14. I think in the video/cartoon of the birds the antagonist is the big blue bird and the community probably has a lot of birds.

  15. I think the big bird is the antagonist because she/he shows respect,tries to fit in,laughs,tries to
    have a good time,and is kind.The second question is how does this show a communities.I think it shows how they should not work.Also with a symbol in the video it shows not to cyberbully.That is clearly how communities should not work.However it also shoes how to keep your things private.

  16. I think the community doesn’t get along well because it looked like the little birds were first making fun of the antagonist (the big bird) but at the end the big bird made fun of the non feathered small birds.

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