How Do You Define A Sport?

How do you define sport or athlete? There are nearly 60 events in the Summer and Winter Olympics, but each year there are some that get people to stop and ask, “How is this a sport?” And then there’s another event that’s become very popular in competitive sports world — Sport (Cup) Stacking. Watch this video to learn about this fast growing sport! Then reply to this post with a response to the question — What makes cup stacking a sport?

21 thoughts on “How Do You Define A Sport?

  1. I don’t think this is a sport because in sports you have to put a lot of energy and sports get payed a lot for all the energy work they put into the game.

  2. The thing that makes cup stacking a sport is because it physically challenges you. Like other sports, it keeps you focused on what you’re doing, and helps you get better grades. It is also in the Summer and Winter Olympics page, and one of the sport options. Finally, it is also competitive like most other sports. ???

  3. I thought that it was very important to know if you want to be an amazing athlete and win a lot of medals because I’m an athlete and I never kew cup stacking was a sport I thought people just did it for fun, but after I watched the video I thought that this sport is very important and very good for your arm. So if you do it for like a few years you can be like an NFL player or other sport athletes. I thought this is a very good opportunity for a person who is not into traditional sports.

  4. I think cup staking is a sport and it is not a sport. I think it is a sport because it is competitive
    and your mind is racing. But I also think that it is not a sport because you really do not do much.

  5. Cup stacking is a sport because people have competitions. Cup stacking creates focus (you usually need focus during a sport). I think it can also help your arms get stronger. I had no idea it was sport at first.???

  6. I think Cup Stacking is a sport because it will be competitive and people will have very fast reflexes. Cup stacking will also help you stay focused and get better grades.

  7. I think that it is a sport because it fits the definition
    an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. They also need the speed and focus that all sports need.

  8. I think cup stacking is a sport because you use a lot of speed and you have to have good hand-eye coordination and it also helps you get better at it and it is in the Junior Olympics witch has the word Olympics just it is not the big Olympics but it is in the Junior Olympics.

  9. it is just a fun game that people like and enjoy.Plus the kid says in the video he will stop doing it around 17 years old so he can make a living.

  10. Cup stacking is a sport because you use reflex by moving your hand in many different ways. You use stamina by doing this really fast, and most of all you need concentration because if you get distracted everything will mess up and the cup pyramid will topple to the ground.

  11. I think that cup stacking is a sport because you can finish a sport mentally too. Another reason cup stacking is a sport is that a sport doesn’t need to be in the Olympics or Profesional level to be an official sport.

  12. The speed is what makes it a sport. The kids did it so fast! That is why it is a junior Olympics sport. It keeps you thinking. It keeps you moving. It helps you physicaly and mentally. ??

  13. I think the cup stacking is part of sport because cup stacking needs many practices. Also because I think cup stacking needs the muscles of hands and fingers. On the other hand I think the cup stacking can be just a hobby because there might be someone who think cup stacking as fun thing to do. So, I think cup stacking can change into sport or hobby by the feeling of someone plays it.

  14. I think it is a sport but not my type of sport.Hopefully everyone knows what my sport is.I do think it is a sport because it can be competitive ,it can make you sad, needs reflexes,it is fun,it takes concentration ,and you might get paid a lot,and it can make you strong.Not saying that other sports can,t have people that make a lot of money like Cristiano ronaldo.But I just think this sport is kind of dumb.Just because it makes you smarter does not mean it is a sport.No offense to that kid that will quit and have”a life”but I just think it is NOT a sport.

  15. I think that cup stacking is not a sport because not everybody can move their hands that fast, you need a year of training to get that fast with your hands, this game is more of a hobby, at least that is what I think.

  16. I think cup stacking is a sport because it uses focus,hand eye coordination and more. Cup stacking is also a sport because you’re trying your best and that is all that matters. Like they said in the video win or lose, it’s about fun. It also says in the video that it helps in math reading writing and more because it practices focus, and if you can focus on stacking cups you can probably focus on pretty much anything. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. I think it is a sport because all sports need focus and cup stacking includes a lot of focus. It also makes your hands a lot more quick and flexible.

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