Floating Trash

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Every year humans discard their trash which winds up in waterways around the world. Here is a video on one such “floating trash island” in the Caribbean Sea. What else can we learn about floating trash islands? Take a few moments to help the class crowdsource Internet resources to understand this “water catastrophe” (according to Evie).

First Steps Towards Blogging

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Today I had the wonderful opportunity to join a large group of Scarsdale teachers for a workshop on blogging.  To be honest I was very nervous and unfamiliar with this form of writing.  Throughout the day we learned about how literacy has developed over the years and how digital literacy is very different from traditional literacy.  We learned about documenting learning in Kindergarten through second grade using an app called Seesaw.  Seesaw is a digital portfolio that empowers the youngest of learners to independently document what they are learning at school.  The teachers in third through fifth grades were introduced to blogging so that they and their students  have a place of their own to share their writing and thoughts.  There are so many wonderful examples of teacher and student blogs already in Scarsdale! The posts included photos of field trips, reviews of books read, and even science experiments that were conducted.  The work was inspiring.

I am looking forward to launching blogs with my students and watching the “pages” unfold.