The Brilliant Deep

We read the book, The Brilliant Deep. It inspired me:

I really liked the story the brilliant deep because it had lots of details and it described the coral and how a little boy named Ken cared about it and also how the coral is alive and helping the environment. This made me realise, if you have a passion, you should believe in it and follow it. Like in the book, Ken’s father had a passion for engineering at NASA, but Ken had a passion for the ocean. Later in his life, he started a group called the Coral Restoration Foundation. It was a group of people that cared and had a passion for for the ocean and or coral. And they also wanted to help out with the coral reef’s. “It only takes one.” One person can make a difference. Ken as a little boy enjoyed his passion, and as he grew up, he spread it to the world. This book really inspired me! If you have a passion, follow it like it is the best thing in the world.