Colonial America – Pt 2 – Persona

We are doing Colonial America in class. It is really cool!. This is about who I am, what I do in my freetime, and my backstory…

I am a soldier. I am 18 years old. My mother died when I was born. And my dad got shot by the Spanish armada. So I went to the Southern Colonies because I didn’t have anyone to live with. I live by myself in a little house next to the blacksmith and slave quarters. In my freetime I work at the blacksmith as a gunsmith. I make the guns I use to fight off the natives and the Spanish. I am friendly with all the slaves and indentured servants. I work for Scott Peterson (The Plantation Owner). We have an militia that I am the head soldier of.

I really enjoy being a soldier because we are starting the american revolution. I will be a big part in this. I am very excited!!

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