Designing, Building , Launching, and Graphing #3

Designing and Building:

In this blog post, my group is creating rocket three in rocketry. My group really hopes that we do better than we did last time.  This time the parents are coming to watch us.

We changed the nose cone. It expanded. We changed it because last time we changed the fins and wanted to change the nose cone, so now it is time to.

My group named our rocket, “The Green Dart of Death.” We named it that because the body color is green. I kind of like the name. We try to always be creative about our names.

I am very excited about launching in front of parents! I really hope we do well. Our knowledge has grown during the process of rocketry and we are used to the preparation. I believe we will win!

___________________________________________________________________________Launching and Graphing:

This blog post is about rocket launch #3 as you can see in the title. Since it was my group’s third time launching, we were more aware one what to do and how to do it. I was really excited about it! Now I will tell the story.

At our third launch, I was the countdown master. I was really happy. My group was really happy. We were finally successful! Our rocket went 119 meters. We came second to last place. At least we didn’t come last place.

Honestly, I was stressed out about being a clinometer reader. The parents are here. What if I mess up? Those were some of the thoughts going through my head.

The parents were all very amused by all of our rocket launches. That was the last rocket launch. I was happy for no clinometer readings anymore but also sad. I was sad to stop the process of rocketry. I loved rocketry so far and I wish we would do it again!

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