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Launching and Graphing Rocket #2

This blog post is about rocket launch #2 as you can see in the title. Since it was the second time launching and graphing, we were more sensible about what to do. I was really excited about it! Now I will tell the story.

At our second launch, I was the pumping person. I wanted to be the countdown master. My group thinks that our rocket went really high. Unfortunately, the clinometer readers said that it wasn’t 50 meters.  It went a little bit higher than our first one according to them. Our rocket came last place again. Personally, I think ours went the highest.

I really disliked being a clinometer reader. I got scared of what the possible outcomes were if I got the reading wrong. Our rocket went 96 feet. Six more than last time. For rocket three, my team will be changing the nose cone. We want it to be more stable.

I really liked the experience of rocketry and creating rockets. The main point was collaborating with teammates and building rockets that will be successful. I loved rocketry!


Designing and Building Rocket #1

I haven’t learned much during our process of creating our slideshow. I have experienced making an inspiration board and so far, it has been my least favorite part.

We cut a circle out of paper and then cut a line to the middle. Then turn the paper over and over until it is shaped into a cone.

The first rocket design was with, tin foil and cardboard nose cone to break the air, skinny card stock body for aerodynamics and 3 small wood triangle fins for stabilization.

The thing I am looking forward to is designing our rockets. My team’s rocket is going to be made out of tin foil, card stock paper, wood, and cardboard. I am very excited about it.