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Technology is…

What is Technology? I think technology is something is made by a person and that people need or something that improves or remodels an item, But it makes it easier and better. It also entertains people or amuses them. Technology is very something useful to people.

This was my piece of every day Technology.

My object is Technology because it helps you see small things! If you want to see a cool ant, but it bites, you can bring a magnifying glass and peer at it. But don’t get too close!

My object solved the problem to see small things closely. It made life better because then you don’t have to carry a microscope around!

My object improved the microscope. Someone named Zacharias Janssen invented the microscope, and Roger Bacon made the Magnifying glass.

Me The Corn

I’m in a bed of dirt at beautiful Heathcote Garden.

I am a Corn!

One of a few things on me are a long stem, very long roots, giant leaves and delicious Corn.

I am a Corn!

It feels steaming hot and moist in the garden right now.

Spinach and broccoli are planted next to me.

Worms, ants, small spiders and flies are visiting me.           

I am Corn!


One month ago I looked like a sprout with two leaves.

Next month I will be very cold and I will die.

I am Corn!